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Info zur Überschrift : E3 Courses Complementary courses, with limited places = siehe/see Institut für wissenschaftliche Schlüsselkompetenzen (IwiS)

Hinweis :

We would like to point out that the attendance of E3 courses is not bound to our institute and that the registration for courses is structured differently here.

If you are interested in an E3 course, please send an email to: studium-liberale ( at ) uni-due.de and ask if participation is possible.

Please indicate that you are an exchange student and include your matriculation number. It is even better if you use your new UDE e-mail address and identify yourself as a student of the university.

There are often deadlines for course registration, please check these beforehand.


You will find the E3 Courses here

Einrichtungen Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften